UMI Plus E Review – An Improvements For Budget Flagship

UMI Plus E

UMI Plus E – img UMI

As a little brother of UMI Plus, the E is supposed to do better, for me, it should be way better. According to its promotional page, the E stands for Extreme.

UMI Plus E Review: An Upgrade of Memory and Storage

The UMI Plus E receive a massive upgrade of 6GB RAM, compared to UMI Plus which is 4GB, with the latest LPDDR4 memory module. This gives the Extreme more temporary data storage with twice the power.

UMI also upgraded the UMI Plus E internal storage to twice the size, 64GB. Now, that I can call a flagship. These days 64GB is never enough for me, I need an expandable memory, it did come with it with the same 256GB TF card.

E(xtra) For Power And Same Battery

UMI claimed that the UMI Plus E is the first smartphone to use Helio P20 and 6GB RAM in the world. The Helio P20 which still uses 8-cores technology upgrades a little bit in terms of speed. The P20 is said to be 20% more powerful compared to Helio P10. It is also said that the P20 is more power saver compared to the P10.

I guess the 4,000mAh is the largest any flagship would ever be packed with. The E(xtreme) did not have any upgrade from the big brother.

Other: Software, Fingerprint Scanner and 4K Camera

The UMI Plus E still use the same Android Marshmallow, well not many devices that I’ve heard that received the the Nougat, as the UMI Plus. Same fingerprint scanner, which is located underneath the home button. Another major update to the little brother is 4K camera capabilities.

At The End

Not much of an upgrade from it big brother. For me, the E(xtreme) receive much bigger memory and storage is a true flagship killer. Other upgrades like the improved processor power and highly improves camera what makes this phone stands out.

You can preorder at these stores, preorder ends in less than 24 hours, and please pray for me so that I can get this as giveaway from UMI:

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