U Mobile: Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan Comparison with Power Prepaid

Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan

Three days ago I receive this through my email:

Stay connected on social media with FREE unlimited data for App-Onz today!

As you can read, there’s a new prepaid mobile plan in town. And it’s called Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan! I thought that UNLIMITED! Wow! Here the comparison between the old Power Prepaid and Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan from U Mobile:

 U MobileUnlimited Power Prepaid PlanPower Prepaid
Calls (sen per 30 s)12 + 10 minutes free calls to any U Mobile number daily7 + 15 minutes free calls to any U Mobile number daily
High-SpeedNONE (∞ for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter only)1GB

A Little Bit: Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan

The new plan charged 12 sen per 30 seconds, by the way, U Mobile charging it’s users based on a 30-second block, for example, if you call someone and that call takes around 5 seconds, you are going to charged for 30 seconds. And it cost 12 sen per SMS, MMS is for, wait does anyone still use MMS these days? I don’t think it matters.

For data, the new Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan (ah, it annoying, let’s just use U3xP) comes with none, nada high-speed internet and it comes with 1GB basic internet at 64 kbps, that’s 8 kilobytes per seconds. Let’s say you friends send you 1MB of a file, it will take more than 2 minutes to load it. I believed that the word Unlimited comes from U Mobile new Onz system, after Music-Onz, Video-Onz and Game-Onz, called Apps-Onz.

Personal Experience with These Onz Thing

I’ve tried all three Onz. Firstly, Music-Onz lets its users stream music unlimited from its partners like Spotify and Tidal, which are my favorites and now Apple Music as well as shit like Raku and radios stations, for me this one is a plus. Second is Video-Onz, this one lets its users to stream video without any quota from partners like Youtube and Youtube gaming, this one is shit, I like music and I can’t turn off my display and just like the music play. Gamez-onz is also unlimited for games like CS:GO and DOTA 2, this one is good when I’m kampung, the shitty about this one is back then CS:GO have an update around 1GB and just like that, I used up all my quota.

Personal Opinion

For this new App-Onz, I think this is just another shit. It supported Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only, and the official app only. Since Facebook track you anywhere, I’m using Friendly at least less tracking. For Twitter, last time I remember I see Twitter was on through my emails more than I ever open the app. The only one that I used for at least once a day is Instagram. So personally for me, this is just another thrash.

One more thing, the U3xP comes with 10 minutes free calls to any U Mobile number daily, let me repeat, U Mobile only, which I don’t think I ever use any single 30-second block since I use U Mobile, so yeah shit still shit.

At The End

I think this the shortest At The End I ever write, I don’t give a shit about it!

source: U Mobile Email


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