The New Logo


The new logo is personally design from the image below. I’m sorry I can’t remember where did the image below come from, but I loved it. If I remember correctly, the logo is infinity. The thing that I like about it is that it looked like two nines flipped together, which is the kind that I’ve been thinking about the nine-nine (99) from my name, ikr99.

So what I did was joined them together to look like previous logo, below. Previously, the logo is taken from a DuckDuckGo search. And by the way, I’ve been cutting myself from data mining freaks like Google and Facebook. Do you know that they used your data that they have been collecting to sell them to third party? So I’m trying to cut these two from my life.Here’s one simple way to avoid being tracked and data mined, just use “Porn-mode” browsing. In Chrome its called Incognito (Ctrl + Shift + N), in Firefox and Opera they are called Private Browsing (Ctrl + Shift + I and Ctrl + Shift + N), and, even though I didn’t know the point, in Microsoft Edge its called InPrivate (Ctrl + Shift + P).

If you didn’t think it wasn’t enough, in Opera you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) directly by activating it on left of your adress bar (the VPN text). Didn’t find it? Go to setting and search VPN and click “Enable VPN”. Now you are free from those watching eyes like Google, Facebook and your internet provider even from the FBI.

Now back to the logo, if you look closely it does looks like the mask from The Mask of Zorro or the four from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, let me assure you that it’s purely coincidence. Or if you think that it looks like a mask, once again I’m telling you it’s just coincidence. All I did was connect the nines to look like infinity and boom it came out like a mask. Hahaha.

About the emoticon, all I did was and some length of the nines feet so that it can fit in a square that required by the this theme. And that’s how it got it look. Simple and less masky (I think that what it called).


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