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I love money! Well, I think anyone with a right mind would say so too. Imagine that if Bill Gates is bankrupt, I think the first thing he’ll say is “I miss all my money”, even though he gives away tons of them now. Now imagine if you are the richest person in the world, what will you do with all your money? Will you spend them like there’s no tomorrow? Or will you donate them all? For me, you are one of these, that’s why you are the richest in the first place.

As I said before, Bill Gates gives tons of money, but not all. He also spends tons, but not all. You see what I did there? There’s BUT NOT ALL! Some people live to play, some people play to live. Well, this may not be it let me try one more time. Some people eat to live, some people live to eat. Now this one in better for me. Now, just one more! Some people work to live, some people live to work. This is the perfect scenario for what I’d like to talk to them.

Some People Work to Live, Some People Live to Work

I don’t remember I first heard of this, but I do! As well as some people live to play, some people play to live and some people eat to live, some people live to eat. You know, whether you work to live or you live to work, I think the most important thing is you know what you want to do with your money, where you work hard or not for. Now let’s talk about money.

You can either work hard and play hard, or work smart and play hard, or work hard and play smart, or work smart and play smart. So everything involved with works and plays or around them. Me, I like to play rather than work. It’s always have been that since the beginning of me. But I have been in tons of investment classes, there is one thing that I learned from these classes that investment always comes first.

Investment Comes First

After that hard or smart work first up just reward yourself. Just take some of your earning save up. For me, I like to reward myself with 10% because I think 10% just right. I did remember my Accounting teacher said once is a class, “Investment is about saving, saving is about yourself, by rewarding yourself you are actually started a saving which will be an investment“.So remember, investment comes first means yourself comes first. But the question is why you or anyone needs an investment?

Why? That’s an important question. From when I was a kid, I was told by my parents that “Joe, you have to save up money whenever you can, because…”. I don’t really remember when the because part, but I do remember that my parents always remind me to save money. Now, when I asked them why we need to save money they said: “It’s mostly for when something unplanned happened”. When I go to seminars they say “You need to invest so that you can have financial freedom”.

For me, something unplanned + financial freedom are the very reason why you should start an investment. Here’s a funny thing about investment did you know that if you bought USD100 of bitcoin 7 years ago, you’d be sitting on USD72.9 million now? Now that’s a something unplanned + financial freedom.

Stock Market

Now here’s an advice, like I said before in Investment: Better Loose it Yourself Then Give it to Other this way you will at least know where your money went read here, the stock market is an amazing place to invest but not all of your money at once. Try to put your money in more than one investment method. In Malaysia, we have ASB so put in it some, buy Gold for some part of your self-reward and I don’t know maybe cryptocurrencies.

Try to avoid money games. Unless it’s money inside a game like Steam Wallet, that’s fine. Losing money is the hardest for anyone, including me, oh believe me I have lost more that I have ever written in this blog. The main thing is it’s your money, do you what to spend it on yourself or do you what others to spend it on themselves, obviously.

Let’s take JJPTR for example, investors said that lost around USD400mil, so what? What can they actually do? I would like to NOTHING! Yeah, they can do nothing about it, except seeing the founders in jail. I don’t think that anyone is getting their money back. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

From me, adios!


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