[updated] Malaysian Prepaid – Mobile Internet Comparison

When I first bumped into this post, I’m really excited about it. So when I’ve finally be able to get my hands on to the Xpax Magic Sim, I’ve seen sleeping at 10 pm and wake up at 2 or 3 am to use the “Burung Hantu”. It’s not a terrible service, well the download speed average 600 kilobytes per second (KB/s), that’s all that matters.

So I’ve been using the Net25 ever since, well know you, I get free 75 minutes of calls and 75 SMSes to the same network and the most important thing is it’s the cheapest pass for 1 month. Although I never even used up all my calls and SMSes since my friends and family not really use the same network and there’s this thing called the Internet, it’s been an amazing journey.

The Economic

Firstly, reload RM30 for to make sure that the line stays active for at 30 days.

Secondly, buy Net25 and f-ed up the “Burung Hantu”. Like update the computer to Windows 10, download games from PSN, update CS:GO and download torrent.

Thirdly, reload at least RM30 to continue to f-ed up the “Burung Hantu”.

The problem

Celcom recently updates it’s “Burung Hantu” policies, where it no longer have 2TB data, but a mere 10GB. I think that too many users loved to f-ed up the “Burung Hantu” or maybe there’s simply zero competition to this. This the first problem.

Another thing is, the RM25 pass is no longer available even though I’m still able to keep mine. Currently Celcom offering monthly pass from RM30, so no buffer zone for me if I reload Rm30 worth of credit.

The new economy for  the new RM30 pass is, RM30 of course for the internet pass, when it come to Celcom most of my friends didn’t use Celcom, so free calls or SMSes does not really helps. So the solution is reload more than that. Oh and by the way, just so you know the one called Magic Sim is no longer available, it is replace the much superior M4gic Sim.

Below is the comparison where the latest prepaid plans stands from 4 operators like Celcom with it’s M4gic Sim, Hotlink with it’s FAST, DiGi with it’s Smart and Best Prepaid and UMobile with it’s POWER Prepaid. Click to enlarge it, and take notes of the little text below. It will probably makes you rethink what to subscribe to.

Malaysian Prepaid - Mobile Internet Comparison (Updated May, 02 2016)

Malaysian Prepaid – Mobile Internet Comparison (Updated May, 02 2016)


  • June, something: DiGi update something $#!TTY, no need to mention.
  • June, 13th: Celcom M4gic Sim’s Burung Hantu is now unlimited, well till July, 7th.
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