Love You Always Abah

See You Again Abah

It’s been more than a week since my father, Abah passed away. From the start of him being sick until the day of his death and until now, it’s been a not an easy one. I can’t concentrate on anything just thinking about him. My study, my research, my job, my blog and most every day of my life have been upside down. Enough about me.

[update] Just after 18 days Abah pass away, I lost one of my best friend, Kecik. It makes my heart broken, but as a Muslim, I believed that God knows better than me. The only thing that I have right now is patient. I know God is always me, even though I’m not always with Him.

Here’s the most memorable scene, for me, from Dr. Ken. I watched this episode after I lost my father so this is the most memorable scene for me. This video belongs to ABC, not me, all of the credit goes to ABC.

I’ll See You When I See You, Pal

I’m hoping you are resting in peace and we’ll meet again. And you will always be in my heart and my prayer.

Love you always Abah and Kecik

–  your son and bestfriend


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