Leagoo M8 Review – Top 3 Android Phone Below $100

Leagoo M8

Leagoo M8 – img Leagoo

The first one in my list is Leagoo M8. It falls into two categories screen size and technology.


Leagoo M8 comes with super large screen of 5.7 inches. The most impressive part is the screen is in HD and 2.5D curved glass. With that super large display, this phone surely is big with size 154.5 x 79.8 x 8.8 mm. This also makes more rooms for the battery. The M8 also comes with large 3,500mah battery.

With the length of almost 8CM long, this phone is not to be operated with a single hand. The downside of having big screen size is, it’s bigger than most people’s palm, it needs to be operated with two hands, all the time. It’s quite good for a phone costs less than US$100.


With battery so large, this device will surely need the LQC v1.5 technology from Leagoo. The LQC, which I think stands for Leagoo Quick Charge, enable the phone to be charge real quick. The phone also equip with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor from Mediatek, the MT6580.

Another thing that makes this phone as one of my best choices is that this phone comes with a fingerprint scanner. As we know, with a fingerprint scanner, we do not have to input password or pin, just scan our finger to unlock it. The time for the phone to scan and unlock the phone is just 0.19 second, which super quick.

One more thing that interest me about this Leagoo M8, is it have an 8MP front-facing camera. And to top it off, it is equipt with flash. This one feature will make any selfie addict love this phone more. The rear camera is 13MP with dual flash which claimed by Leagoo will make the camera take a sharper picture at night.


Other things that I like to talk about memory, storage, and OS. The M8 come with 2GB LPDDR3 memory and 16GB of storage. For a price less than US$100, I think this one is pretty decent. I think when combining 4-cores processor with the 2GB RAM and 16GB phone you’ll get a nice bargain. You can even extend the storage using microSD for up to 128GB if that’s enough, well for me, 16GB is never ever enough.

For the operating system, it uses Freeme OS 6.0 which is based on the latest Android Marshmello. I did Googled Freeme since I can’t find anything about it on the Leagoo site. Well, Freeme is from a Chinese company called Droi Technology. Freeme is like CyanogenMod, a modified Android just that’s it.

Oh yeah, if you are unable to find anything about the software update you can go Leagoo Malaysia, it took me so long to find it. It provides you with a bunch of flashing tools and latest firmware for all the Leagoo phone.

The Con

Firstly is the Leagoo M8 is lacking with, which I think now is really important, 4G LTE connection. I mean come on, 4G is everywhere now, you should at least have 4G, but to think about it again, that’s why the price is US$79.99.

Second is the back camera, dual-flash lens and fingerprint scanner module which are popped out from the body. This what the design is not so clean.

At The End

For US$79.99, I think this is a good one if you what something that is, I don’t call it cheap but more like, not going to cost you too much and you want a phablet. Yeah, I did call the Leagoo M8 as a phablet because of it simply large.

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