Homtom HT16 Pro Review – Top 3 Android Phone Below $100



For the Homtom HT16 Pro, there is one thing that I like about this phone, which is the body design.


Homtom HT16 Pro have the same design as most current phones, rectangular shape with rounded corners. In front of the body almost all covered with glass and plastic at the back. What I like is the design of the back body. The back body is imprinted with dotted sequin.

Homtom said that it “adds aesthetic beauty to the phone while avoiding slipping off to the ground”. well, for me it mostly made for the beauty. I also like the feel of the dotted sequin when we holding it.

Another thing that I like is the plastic back color. Actually, I simply like the way they name the variation of the color. Firstly is Noble White which is a plain white, secondly is Gentle Black that is just black and Macaron Blue which is just lite blue.


The HT16 Pro comes with MTK6737 Quad-Core 1.3GHz from Mediatek. Well, 4-cores means more power. It comes with 2GB memory and 16GB storage which it turns out to be an upgrade from the HT16, remember the “plus” from Meizu Pro 6 Plus vs Meizu Pro 6? It is the same thin,g an upgrade. The storage can be expanded for up to 64GB.

It comes with 3,000 mAh battery that features a “Power Saving with Fast Charge” and 4G LTE. I did Googled this fast charging technology from Homtom it turns out to be nothing. The main site is like promotion site for its products, not much details available.

On top of that from what I found, that Homtom can be transliterated as “Heng Tong” which implicates the continuous changing and innovation, to explore the way to the eternal truth. While on its Facebook page, I found that HOMTOM, that how they wrote it in all caps, “a young and innovation brand”.

For cameras, Homtom HT16 Pro comes with 8.0MP rear camera and 2.0MP front camera. According to Homtom official reseller BlackPeach, the rear is interpolated, which means can be enlarged, to 13MP and the front camera can be upsized to 5MP.


The Homtom HT16 Pro come with the latest, at least for this year, Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It also comes with smart wake up gesture. When you screen are off and you want to use your camera, just make a “C” one screen, it will open the camera app.

BlackPeach also stated that this phone support over-the-air update. Based on what I Googled, Homtom provides all it’s products firmware on its website, without any technical support. There is no forum for Homtom yet but on its Facebook page, they did reply its user comment. I guess that’s the best that they can do now.

At The End

This US$69.99 phone is best for it back design unlike Leagoo M8, this one did come with 4G LTE. Sadly it short of fingerprint scanner and software support would probably end up in the cloud.


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