Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Review– Top 3 Android Phone of the 2016

Google Pixel and Pixel XL – Top Android Phone of the 2016

Google Pixel and Pixel XL – Top Android Phone of the 2016 – image ikr99

Most of top Android phone list I’ve read so far said that this Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL comes first, well I beg to differ. For me, these phones come third of top Android phone list. There is only one thing that makes me like this phone.

The Cool Thing

The only cool thing about these two is Google made itself. I do not know about the manufacturer but this is an actually a Google branded phone, unlike previously Google phone called Nexus. And just like OnePlus 3/3T this phone have one logo which at the back just, which is “G”, that’s it.

Since Google the one who created Android, I think both Pixel and Pixel XL will have the latest features from Android. This is based my experience with Nexus 6P where almost latest features from Android I’m able to use. The 6P, which a collaboration between Google and Huawei, continue to OTA update from Google itself.


The design of the front body is just simple. There are the display, front camera, proximity sensor and brightness sensor, and headset capsule. That’s it. No more. No need for the company name. No need for a home button. No nothing. Oh, there are also 5 lines which colored based on the phone color.

At the back of the device the there are two color tones where the top part is made of glass and the bottom part is made of metal as part of its unibody design. The rear camera with flash can be found at the top left of the body, there a little “G” at the bottom and fingerprint scanner placed at the lower glass part. Strangely, it feels just like my favorite phone, the iPhone 6.

Pixel Only Features

The best advantage when the phone maker is the software maker itself, you get something that no one gets, like the Pixel Launcher, although someone will surely find a way to use it outside from the Pixels. The one that I like is swiping up to open the app drawer. Another thing is Google Assistant and Google Photos. Google Assistant is Siri for Android. Google Photos is for all, but Pixel and Pixel XL users get unlimited photo and video storage at full resolution.


These two are actually twin since they are announced at the same time, a non-identical twin or a fraternal twin. I think that we can guess the differences from the name themselves. The Pixel is 69.5 mm wide with 143.8 mm tall while the Pixel XL 75.7 mm wide and 154.7 mm in height. For me, these two are still palm-friendly, but sometimes you will need both hands to use the XL especially when playing Clash Royale.

Another thing that set them apart is the display and for me, the display really set the twin apart. The Google Pixel comes with 5 inches display and the Google Pixel XL comes with 5.5 inches display, but this not what really set them apart, what really set them apart is the PPI (pixel per inch) density. Pixels is almost 441 PPI with its Full HD display while Pixel XL is packed with approximately 534 PPI with it’s Quad HD display.

Both devices come with 4GB memory with options of 32GB or 128GB storage. Color options are Quite Black, Very Silver, and Really Blue. As I said before, the five lines on the device colored based on these color. The rear camera is 12.3 MP with f/2.0 aperture and the selfie camera 8 MP with f/2.4 aperture. Some say that the twin has the best camera on phone.

The twin comes with Snapdragon 821 Qualcomm just like OnePlus 3T. Both Pixel and Pixel XL come with Type-C 1.0 USB for fast charging for the 2770 mAh battery for the Pixel and 3450 mAh battery for the Pixel XL.

They are IP53 certified which is splash and dust resistant. I’ve encountered with some review on the Youtube saying that it can be used during in the rain, that is complete bull****. You can use it only to check, just checking your phone not continuously use them in the rain.


As I said before these phones are made by Google, well not exactly made but using Google name, so this will definitely mean that it will have the very latest software version. I cannot confirm anything but the Pixels will receive 2 years of OS upgrades from launch, 3 years of security updates, from here.


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