FIFA World Cup – The Good, The Best and The Shitty


It’s been a week after the FIFA World Cup ended which I think this world cup is unlike ordinary. Firstly there are no “big” teams like the United States, Italy, and the Netherlands. Here how the group stages started:

2018 FIFA World Cup Groups - The life pile

2018 FIFA World Cup Groups – The life pile

My Choices

For group A, my choice (to advance to the next stage of course) were Uruguay and Russia, even though Russia comes into the tournament with a really terrible reputation, no win over 7 matches (4 losses and 3 draws). Both of them went to the knockout stage.

For group B, my choices were Portugal and Spain (they both qualified). For group C, French and Denmark were my choices (they qualified). For group D, Croatia and Argentina were my picks (also qualified). For group E, my choices were Costa Rica and Brazil (Brazil qualified but Costa Rica is so, so, so terrible).

For group F, my choices were Germany and Sweden (only Sweden qualified, Germany is so Germany). For group G, England and Belgium were my favorites (both qualified). The final group, H, Japan, and Poland were my favorite (Japan qualified, Poland not).

So overall, if I place my bets on these guys, my chances of winning is thirteen out of sixteen.

First Week

From what I remembered I only caught a few matches during the group stage. Firstly Russia versus  Saudi Arabia, I have no words for Saudi Arabia but Good for the host to win in that style (5-0). And then French versus Australia, French is the best, Australia not so.

And the last match the I watched on the first week was Germany versus Mexico. Germany is just being Germany, so many passes but so few tries. Mexico, well, I think really needed a win over the previous winner.

Second Week

After the Germany tragedy,  I stopped watching the live or encore shows of the second week except for England versus Panama. I watched the match after I heard England is leading five-nil in the first half. I watched the match on 70th minutes. I remembered how Panama (fans, even the coach) celebrate their first goal ever on the world cup.

Third Week

I watched Germany and Japan games. The Germanys did the same shit as Italy, I think. The goalkeeper went up to the other end and tried to help them, but things turn to shit when the ball comes back. Just why the hell did they need that. I don’t think that any team will ever score any goal if the penalty box is full of twenty-two players.

The Japan games also shit, they just do not want to score any goal. They keep on haggling the ball and do shit that is shitty on the most prestigious stage in the world. Of course, they qualified but a shitty game is still shit. And this is why I don’t watch Japan’s on the knockout round.

Knockout Round

2018 World Cup Knockout Stage by USA Today Sport

2018 World Cup Knockout Stage by USA Today Sport

The first game that I watched was French versus Argentina. Overall it’s a great game. But, when you are leading 4-2 you tend to make stupid shit and French did. The second game that I watched was Columbia versus England. This game is described as a “monumental theft” by Diego Maradona, of course, you will say shit when your team is monumentally worst. England won.

Quarter Final

I watched the French and England game. These matches, I think are the best matches in the world cup. Both teams are doing so good.


I think Belgium have scared the shit out of the French squad during the first Semi Final match. Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne made them biting their nails, but luck was not on their side that night. They lost one-nil.

Another shitty game of the world cup the is second Semi-Final game between England and Croatia. When your team got an early goal, you stopped trying, and that’s what England do. When you stopped trying, you will fall out of luck, and the what England get. They lost two-one.

If you read my post earlier I did say that I wished that England wins the World Cup, but I know they will never win one.


England and Belgium. Apparently, when you stopped trying on the last game, you completely stop trying. I think England just want to finish the tournament, not finish the game.

French and Croatia. I know the French going to win the World Cup as soon as Brazil were knocked out. And they did stylishly with four-two goal on Croatia.

A Little Review

If you see the right side of the knockout stage map above, the only title contender is Spain, they previously won this. When they were knockout, it becomes less interesting for me. Even when England are playing.

The Good

I think the good of this World Cup are Croatia and Hazard and De Bruyne. The Croatia squad this time is the golden squad this is their moment. They did not win the World Cup, is personal I think due to an own goal, a stupid penalty giveaway and the No 10 of French, Kylian Mbappé. He is super fast.

The Bad

Firstly Germany being too Germany. They have all the possession that they need but there was no finisher. They played a beautiful football but acted stupidly against South Korea.

Second is Neymar. I mean he is a good player, but with the shitty attitude.
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Neymar at Wimbledon #NeymarChallenge

— Best Sports Betting (@BSBZA) July 16, 2018

The Honest

I think, honestly, with so many newcomers this year, I think the outcome has become predictable. As I said before, look the map. But anyway FIFA said that they will allocate more teams to participate next time, I wished that Malaysia is one of them even though I know they never will.

And the use of Video Assistant Referee, the beauty of football has become a beast. Just image, if VAR was used during Maradonna handball, it (or he) will not become this famous. And I think FIFA should really learn from World Rugby on how to use video.


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