elePhone Z1: Crowdfunding to the World!

elePhone Z1

elePhone, Chinese mobile manufacturer announced a crowdfunding of one of its product call elePhone Z1, here something that I found interesting.

elePhone Z1

The #elephonez1 on Twitter started Oct 11th last year, detailing that the Z1 is a phone that will be featured with Helio P20, 6GB memory, and 64GB storage. And ending with “Guessed the price, you will receive a little surprise from Elephone official”. They later say “Android 7.0 out of the box”, and “#ElephoneZ1 will be equipped with USB Type-C” and claimed this:

40 apps simultaneously is not bad! Then they finally announced the pricing structure:

Early bird, paid in full:

  1. 15th.Feb-25th.Feb ~ Only: $189.99; Save: $40
  2. 26th.Feb-10th.Mar ~ Pay: $199.99; Save: $30 [Now]
  3. 11th.Mar-25th.Mar ~ Pay: $209.99; Save: $20

Preorder, pay US$49.99:

  1. 15th.Feb-25th.Feb ~ Only: $199.99; Save: $30
  2. 26th.Feb-10th.Mar ~ Pay: $209.99; Save: $20 [Now]
  3. 11th.Mar-25th.Mar ~ Pay: $209.99; Save:$20

Or US$1 for support, which I think is mostly for their morale boost, plus a chance to win one.

Final Thought

I think it’s a good strategy. It’s like giving them a preview and a chance to own one. For the phone, I think it’s nothing special. Helio P20 is not good compared to Helio X20, or Helio X27 or Helio X30 and elePhone keep on going about how the Z1 can run 40 apps at once. For me, when you open one app, then press the home button and open another, and then another up to 40, the apps that you are not using is in pause mode. They stopped.

When you open it again then it will continue. So that basically it. Oh for notification that you receive, there is an app called Google Play Services. You can try to disable it to see what happen. You will get less notification and when you open an app, other than from Google, you will see a warning saying it will not work without Google Play Sevices.

I will not get this one!

ps: I lied, I will try it for the review much later! And MWC ends yesterday, so sad I can’t be there!


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