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New, Improved and SECURED

I am finally back, after a really long time, better. This blog has been improved a lot, I’d say by a thousand miles. New Hosting Provider Previously, this blog was hosted on Namecheap‘s Shared

The Little Thing About Money

I love money! Well, I think anyone with a right mind would say so too. Imagine that if Bill Gates is bankrupt, I think the first thing he’ll say is “I miss all my

Investment: Better Loose it Yourself Then Give it to Other

When I first read the article titled “Why are M’sians investing hard-earned money in Ponzi schemes?” from The Star Online, it occurred to me, what the hell is Ponzi schemes? Ponzi “A Ponzi scheme

Love You Always Abah

It’s been more than a week since my father, Abah passed away. From the start of him being sick until the day of his death and until now, it’s been a not an easy

U Mobile: Unlimited Power Prepaid Plan Comparison with Power Prepaid

Three days ago I receive this through my email: Stay connected on social media with FREE unlimited data for App-Onz today! As you can read, there’s a new prepaid mobile planĀ in town. And it’s

Lightest And Popular Android Keyboard App – Tested

Having to moved from iPhone to android is, I think, really hit me hard. The interface is so unfamiliar and sometimes too hard to get stuff done. I think the reason was mostly to

This Week’s Book – PornBurger: Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes

I think the this week’s book of the week is too special for me, to just put it on the side(widget, hahaha). This week I have a book which will make all of you

[updated] Malaysian Prepaid – Mobile Internet Comparison

When I first bumped into this post, I’m really excited about it. So when I’ve finally be able to get my hands on to the Xpax Magic Sim, I’ve seen sleeping at 10 pm

Bitcoin Trading – My Experience

When I started to getting involved with Bitcoin, the price was MYR 1,012 which is around US$285 at the rate of MYR3.5 for US$1. I bought 0.049407 BTC for MYR 50, later I sell

Bitcoin Investment – Good or Bad Choice?

If you never heard of Bitcoin, well the simplest way for me to say it that it’s a payment network that uses its own currency, also called Bitcoin. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer (p2p) network which
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