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Salam and Good Game

38 0 18 Sep 2018

It have been a sad journey for this blog. I have personally update it with my own writings and my own thoughts. I like to describe myself as a person who reads a lot and watch a lot. I like to read news and novels, and I love to watch videos mostly Rom-Com movies and not the one that not so smart reaction videos on YouTube. So sometimes I find time to spend on this blog writing and updating all the necessary so that this WordPress blog keeps updated with the latest software.
Last month, late August, I made a terrible mistake of buying and installing Moto Theme. This theme is like shit, even though I’m using it right now. It have so many dependencies, disabling one of them like WooCommerce practically destroy the whole site. Oh yeah it did destroy this blog.
I have to access my Google Cloud and download everything, images, files and database, manually. And the best part is, the database CANNOT be use on the new server instance. So Good Game ikr99. I hope to revive you again some day.