Xiaomi Mi Mix – Beauty and Innovation Collide

Back in October this year, 2016, when I first heard about Xiaomi Mi Mix. For me, Xiaomi is not an ordinary Chinese phone maker, it’s a big company, a really big company, so when something

GeekBox – TV Box For Geek and Not Geek

There are so many TV Boxes available out there, so many so that it is hard to choose one. Well, maybe you should, which I recommend, would consider choosing this one that called GeekBox from GeekBuying.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus vs Meizu Pro 6

Meizu has announced a new flagship called the Pro 6 Plus. It has “plus” in its name, which means there is another model, a “plus”-less. So there is one, called, obviously, Meizu Pro 6. So I

NOMU S30 – A Ruggedly Elegant Phone

As I was browsing the web, I encountered with another interesting product, call the NOMU S30. So I did some research about NOMU, it is another Chinese phone maker and it has just 3

Ulefone Armor – Armed To Power

Here is another phone that captivates my attention from another Chinese phone maker. The appearance of this phone is not just to make a statement for its body design, it actually has a hard

UMI Plus E – An Improvements For Budget Flagship

As a little brother of UMI Plus, the E is supposed to do better, for me, it should be way better. According to its promotional page, the E stands for Extreme. An Upgrade of Memory

UMI Plus – A Standout Budget Flagship

Based on an article from UMI blog, the UMI Plus have recorded a total number of 64,000 unit pre-sold. The UMI team claimed that UMI Plus is a “budget flagship”, which is later explained

Bluboo Edge – Beauty is So Simple, Yet It’s Laking

Bluboo, just one out many Chinese phone manufacturer out there, have started a campaign at Banggood, when I first notice it, to promote its latest product, the Bluboo Edge, by presale. Based on the

iMAN Victor – Luxury Does Not Come With A (High) Price

Victor from iMAN, an unknown Chinese phone maker, really interest me, when I first notice it. It said that it is the world first luxury phone that come with IP67 and Helio P10 with tag price

Lightest And Popular Android Keyboard App – Tested

Having to moved from iPhone to android is, I think, really hit me hard. The interface is so unfamiliar and sometimes too hard to get stuff done. I think the reason was mostly to